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  • “A Bank That Stands Behind Us”

      riteSOFT is a small, locally-growncompany making a world-wide impact. Founded in 2006, riteSOFT provides software solutions to automate data collection for manufacturers and distributors around the globe. riteSOFT has customers in 10 different countries and deals in five different exchange rates. Located in St. Cloud, MN, riteSOFT boasts smart, simple, and seamless solutions for […]

  • A Mutual Understanding of Business and Banking

      Anderson Underground’s owner, Nick Anderson, has been a loyal Deerwood Bank client since he opened his business in 2004, never finding a reason to look elsewhere for his business or personal banking needs. The Sauk Rapids’ company provides a wide range of underground utility construction services. With the seasonality of construction, Anderson Underground employs […]

  • “So that’s why businesses use local, community banks!”

      Usually, we are not the braggadocios type. In fact, I often forget that it is important (at times) to showcase Deerwood’s many successes. In the midst of the chaos of these past few months, it has been very rewarding to see our team at Deerwood thrive. Today, I’d like to show off the success […]

  • Bill_Tammy_ConferenceTable

    8 Small Business Resources for your Financial Health During COVID-19

      As we navigate this new environment – physically, mentally, and economically – I wanted to share some resources and support on behalf of our whole team at Deerwood Bank. We serve hundreds of businesses at Deerwood Bank. The local restaurants, the mom and pop shops, the hard-working tradesmen, the essential healthcare workers – businesses […]

  • Owners of Brigitte’s Café

    A Legacy of Service and Trust

      Brad Bichler started working at his grandmother’s café when he was 13 years old. He didn’t know then that 30 years later, he would carry on his grandmother’s legacy as an owner of Brigitte’s Café. With a team of almost 25 employees, Brigitte’s Café has become a staple in the St. Cloud community. The […]