Pay with your phone with digital wallet options from Deerwood Bank

Leave your plastic money at home.

Simply add your Deerwood Bank debit card to Apple Pay™, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay™ to make purchases with your smartphone.

  • A convenient way to pay. Just tap and go!
  • A safer way to pay. Your card numbers are never shared with merchants.
  • A secure way to pay. Use Touch ID, Face ID, or a personalized PIN to complete a transaction.
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For further assistance call us at 800.291.6597.

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Common Question:

I was sent money on my iPhone using Apple Pay. I accepted the money, why can’t I see it in my account?

This is an Apple service called Apple Pay Cash, that is not connected to Deerwood Bank’s Digital Wallet. This is a Person to Person type of money transfer service provided by Apple. These deposits may take 1 to 3 business days to post. They will appear on your statement with the description Apple Pay Cash.

More information about Apple Pay Cash can be found at,

Chris O. Retail Manager