May 16, 2024


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Bradbury Stamm Finds Community-Minded Partner in Deerwood Bank

Bradbury Stamm Finds Community-Minded Partner in Deerwood Bank

Bradbury Stamm Construction is a premier builder in the commercial construction industry, offering expert services for a diverse range of projects including educational institutions, public works, private developments, infrastructure, multi-unit living, and solar projects.

For decades, Bradbury Stamm has been an integral part of the construction scene in central Minnesota. Founded in 1969, their St. Cloud office remains committed to both the team and the surrounding community by emphasizing family and community values. As they expand, they continue to provide dedicated service to their project partners.

“We wanted to work with a bank that values community as much as we do.”

John Waletzko, the Midwest Market President for Bradbury Stamm and a longtime customer of Deerwood Bank, recognized the need to localize banking services for their Midwest operations. “We wanted to work with a bank that values community as much as we do,” Waletzko noted. Alongside CFO Andy Auger, Waletzko began exploring banking options that could offer proactive solutions and a deep understanding of their needs.

Transitioning from a large, national bank, Auger highlighted the need for a local banking relationship: “Following a shift with our previous banking relationship, we knew we needed to search for a local banking partner that could still meet our needs.” While looking for a partner that could support their purchase of new office space, several banks were invited to submit financing proposals. Deerwood Bank’s proposal emerged as the superior choice for the growing firm.

“The team from Deerwood, including the bank President John Ohlin, really took the time to understand our business and our goals. This personal touch was unique and crucial for us,” Waletzko explained. He also appreciated Deerwood Bank’s alignment with their community-focused values.

“Deerwood has a team that’s stable, proactive, and responsive.”

Describing their experience with Deerwood Bank, Auger pointed out the personal and responsive nature of their service. “When you call Deerwood, there’s no automated response or talking with someone in another state. You get a hold of your banker, and your questions are answered right away. Most of their team has been with Deerwood for a long time. It’s reassuring to work with established people,” he said.

The Midwest Division of Bradbury Stamm now manages nearly all their business banking needs through Deerwood Bank, including deposit and checking accounts, sub-contractor payments, and other treasury management services that enhance efficiency.

“We wanted a bank that would come to us with ideas that help us meet our business goals, and that’s exactly what Deerwood Bank does. Some products are a good fit, and some aren’t, but we know Deerwood will always provide the best services for us,” Waletzko says.

Jed Rusk Named as Director of Marketing and Communications

Jed Rusk

Office: 218.316.3539

Jed Rusk is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Deerwood Bank. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Stout with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing and Advertising. Jed handles all of Deerwood Bank’s business-related content, including press releases and community announcements.  When Jed gets a free moment, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Rachel, and their Golden Retriever, Leo. If Jed isn’t around the bank, you can probably find him at the local hockey arena or out on the golf course.

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