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As a business owner, you’ve got plenty on your plate.

We get it. That’s why we provide a suite of smart features so you can streamline your business banking. And with 24-hour access to your accounts, business hours are any hours.

Manage your money like a pro.

ACH Origination

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination allows you to quickly, easily, and electronically send or receive payments for things like payroll, tax payments, vendor payments, and recurring debits.

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ACH Fraud Filter

Prevent fraudulent ACH debits from posting to your business account through debit blocks and filters. This service allows you to easily identify trusted trading partners, create an Approved List and receive alerts of any exceptions.

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Account Reconciliation

You can download your company’s current statement of activity and reconcile accounts quickly and efficiently. Interface directly with Quicken, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, and Open Financial Exchange (OFX).

Bill Pay

Save valuable time by paying your bills online. Set up one-time or recurring payments—up to a year in advance! Eliminate the hassle of writing checks and applying postage stamps.

Business Credit Cards

Choose from our popular business credit card options such as low rate, cash back, or flexible rewards to find the one that works best for your business. No matter which card you choose, your business will benefit from important features.

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Business Online Banking

Simple and Secure online banking. In a complex banking world, Deerwood’s Business Online dashboard is a breeze to use. View balances and statements, transfer funds, and enjoy a digital suite of products.

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Insured Cash Sweep (ICS)

With ICS, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance. Deerwood Bank is a member of InterFi Network and as a result, you can access insurance coverage from many institutions while working directly with just one – Deerwood Bank. Now that’s smart!

Merchant Credit Card Processing

Enjoy the convenience of being able to accept credit cards offered through the Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover networks. Deerwood Bank partners with TSYS to provide options for processing your credit cards ranging from traditional paper processing to point-of-sales operations and more advanced electronic data capture.

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Night Depository Access

With a 24-7 night depository box, we're on your time. As a small business, you know best - business hours are any hours.

Prepaid Cards

As a cost-effective alternative to paper checks, prepaid cards are perfect for employees that don't have a bank account—simply deposit their payroll to a reloadable card.

Positive Pay

Combat check fraud with this web-based service. Send us an electronic list of all checks issued, and only checks that match the list will be paid.

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Remote/Mobile Deposit

Instead of tying up company time and resources to physically deliver paper checks to Deerwood Bank, you can now simply scan checks, verify, and submit the images, all with a click of your mouse or with your mobile phone. Giving you the freedom to deposit checks on your own schedule.

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Safe Deposit Boxes

We'll keep your valuables safe. Peace of mind, all the time.

Funds Transfer

Funds may be transferred between any of your Deerwood Bank accounts (excluding some lines of credit) or any accounts you have at other financial institutions. Making it easy to manage your daily cash flow, transfers can be set up as single, recurring or automatic based on account balances.

Wire Transfers

This is a fast, efficient way to transfer funds from one bank to another. Transfers can be done in person, over the phone, or via requests through online banking.

Zero Balance Accounts

It's exactly what it sounds like: a checking account in which no balance is maintained. You can use these accounts to handle things like payroll, petty cash, or other business needs.

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Keep business running smoothly with simple products, personalized service, and easy account access.

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Are you are looking to expand your business, purchase equipment, or acquire or improve commercial real estate? We'd love to help.

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