Access Your Cash – No Fees

With a Deerwood Bank checking account, you can withdraw money from ATMs around the country with no withdrawal fees. Our ATM locator tool makes it easy to find an ATM near you with zero fees!

Your Deerwood Bank account offers no-fee ATM withdrawals from three ATM providers: MoneyPass, Shazam, and In Balance. You can find ATMs from all three providers in convenient locations throughout the United States!

MoneyPass ATM Locator

Many gas stations, such as Holiday Stations and Kwik Trip locations, feature MoneyPass ATMs. You can even download the MoneyPass app to find an ATM near you with your mobile device!

Shazam ATM Locator

The Shazam ATM network prioritizes convenient 24-hour access, and many terminals even allow you to make deposits!

If you’re having trouble accessing your account via an ATM terminal, please contact us as soon as possible.

If your debit card is lost or stolen, call 800-367-7576.