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  • Do I Really Need a Relationship With My Banker?

    Do I Really Need a Relationship With My Banker?

      The world has gone increasingly digital. From our schools going distance learning to most professions working from home. Digital communication has not only become standard, but required, in order to do business in this new reality.    However, great technology does not, and should not, replace the need for relationships. Let me say that again […]

  • Happy Holidays from Deerwood Bank

    Happy Holidays from Deerwood Bank

      I hope you all are staying healthy and well. Like most of you, each December I catch myself recapping the past year’s events – both good and bad. Boy-oh-boy did 2020 have some ups and downs. However, this year my mind has remained almost entirely focused on the ups that we’ve had. When the […]

  • COVID-19 Vaccine

    How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Vaccine Scammers

      2020 has brought a lot of struggle and hardship to many throughout our communities. No matter your situation, you have almost certainly had to adjust your lifestyle in the past 9 months. It’s been tough, that is for sure. Recently, Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine was approved for emergency use by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). […]

  • Care and Stability, we're here for you

    Let’s Move Forward Together

      Since our founding, Deerwood Bank’s top priority has been the health and safety of our employees and customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we will strive to monitor state and federal guidelines as we work to balance public health concerns with the needs of our employees and customers. As you enter our […]

  • Open sign in a small business shop

    10 Ways You Can Support Small Businesses

      Small businesses are the backbone of our communities. They’re the ones that sponsor your kid’s t-ball teams, support high school field repairs, sponsor local charities, and donate in-kind to causes all year round. As we get closer to lessened restrictions and resuming a life of “normalcy,” small businesses are going to need us more […]