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  • Deerwood Bank Team

    Support in a Time of Uncertainty

      As most of you are probably aware, some financial institutions in our markets have chosen to close their lobbies to customers and members during these challenging times. Yes, these are challenging times indeed… Our management team here at Deerwood believes that it is exactly times like these that our customers and communities need us […]

  • Money in a Jar

    5 Fundraising Ideas at the Office

      Tis’ the season for giving! As many charities and nonprofits gear up for the holidays, they often look to team members or volunteers to raise funds at their place of work. Have you ever been asked to become a supporting member of a local charity or nonprofit? It can be uncomfortable to ask coworkers […]

  • Retail Staff Photo in the woods

    Nice & Simple. What Does that Even Mean?

      I hear it all the time – “Your tagline is ‘nice and simple’, but what does that even mean?”  SIMPLE When I was young I had a hockey coach that would always tell us to “keep it simple”. By simplifying the game of hockey, we were able to implement systems that ultimately made us […]

  • Happy woman buying fruits and vegetables at local food market

    7 Reasons to Shop Local this Holiday Season

      Locally-owned businesses play a significant role in keeping our communities thriving and successful. As you make your holiday shopping list this year, consider the roles that small business plays in our communities. Here are seven reasons to shop, bank, and dine local this season and all year-round. Job creation Local businesses hire local talent. […]

  • volunteering, charity, people and ecology concept - group of happy volunteers with tree seedlings and clipboard talking in park

    5 Reasons to Choose a Community Bank

      I get asked all the time, “What is a Community Bank? What does that even mean?”. Well, to give a simple answer, regulators and legislators often refer to banks with less than $1 billion in assets as community banks, but still – what’s the difference for a consumer? Most people want to know why […]