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Ruby Buckle, a Deerwood Bank Client Story

November 2nd, 2020 | | Rachel Carpenter

Veronica, Amy, and Colleen, the owners of Ruby Buckle


Ruby Buckle was built on a relationship between three friends – and their relationship with God. Ruby Buckle is a greeting card business with a niche – encouraging women to share their faith. Veronica, Amy, and Colleen, the owners of Ruby Buckle, had attended small groups and Bible Studies together throughout the years and loved serving together. Their shared passion – sharing the gospel. 

A Bank Who’s Supportive of their Dream

When setting up their business accounts, Veronica, Colleen, and Amy worked with the business banking team at Deerwood Bank in Sartell. Pat Conrad, Deerwood Bank’s Retail Manager in Sartell, helped identify the business accounts that would allow Ruby Buckle to manage their banking in a simple and effective way.

“Deerwood has been really easy to work with and they’ve helped us set up our business accounts so they’re nice and simple,” Veronica says.

Now, Ruby Buckle’s team is able to easily make deposits, transfers, payroll, credit transactions, and take advantage of online banking functionality.

Patient and Kind

Working with bankers who share their values was important to the Ruby Buckle owners.

In working with Deerwood Bank, the Ruby Buckle team says they were so appreciative of the banker’s kindness and patience. “We had a lot of questions, and the Deerwood team was very patient and explained things to us in a way that we could understand,” Collen said. “They never made us feel like our questions are too much or that we’re being a burden.”

The Deerwood Reputation

As they considered banks for their business accounts, the owners of Ruby Buckle said they had always heard great things about Deerwood Bank and their business team.

They said they have many friends and colleagues who’ve worked with Deerwood Bank on the personal and business side who had nothing but great things to say – so it made the decision easy.

Find a bank that will be a partner. Find a bank that is patient and kind – one who supports and encourages your business dreams. Find a Deerwood Banker to take your business further.