June 15, 2020



Let’s Move Forward Together

Let’s Move Forward Together


Since our founding, Deerwood Bank’s top priority has been the health and safety of our employees and customers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we will strive to monitor state and federal guidelines as we work to balance public health concerns with the needs of our employees and customers.

As you enter our offices, you will notice the many steps we have taken to ensure the safety of our staff and customers.

  • Hand sanitizing stations at the entrance/exit of each office.
  • Plastic barriers where needed. These will allow for safe communication between customers and staff members.
  • Floor decals in our lobbies that encourage social distancing.
  • Masks for use by staff and available to customers upon request.

We also have posted health screening checklists that will remind customers to not enter if they are feeling any symptoms related to COVID-19.

We are extremely excited to be welcoming our customers into our spaces. Together, we will get through this.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

John Ohlin, President/CEO

John Ohlin close up

John Ohlin

Office: 218.316.3505
Email: john.ohlin@deerwoodbank.com

John Ohlin is the President and CEO of Deerwood Bank. He has been with Deerwood since 2004 and is based out of the Baxter office. John graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with a bachelor’s degree in finance. He then went on to graduate from the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking in 2007. In his spare time John enjoys travelling with his wife and playing golf at the nearest course.

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