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From Dream to Reality: How Deerwood Bank Helped the Gruber Family Create Their Backyard Oasis

From Dream to Reality: How Deerwood Bank Helped the Gruber Family Create Their Backyard Oasis

In 2020, Nick and Anna Gruber took daily evening walks with their three children since the pandemic had canceled all organized activities. They had remodeled most of their home after buying it and were considering adding some outdoor features to make their home a safe and fun destination for their kids’ friends that was easier to maintain and access than a cabin.

One evening during a walk, they ran into Denise Rosin, VP of Private Banking at Deerwood Bank, and shared their thoughts on the project. “We told Denise that we didn’t really know how we were going to do it or what exactly we wanted, but she told us she could be a resource when we’re ready,” Anna said.

The Grubers started exchanging emails with Denise, sharing their vision of an in-ground pool, slide, hot tub, and overall space for entertaining and hosting. Denise presented several financing options that would provide them with the ability to refinance their current home loan and use the equity for their future backyard oasis. “We had no idea these options existed while keeping our low interest rate; where we could roll this project into a refinance of our mortgage and use that equity to not only upgrade our backyard, but also to tackle landscaping projects and door or window fixups that had been on our to-do list. Denise helped us evaluate those options and choose what was best for us,” Anna explained.

“Community is a core value for both of us.”
Community has always been a core value for the Gruber family, with both Anna and Nick involved in Sartell in many ways. “It’s clear that Deerwood Bank values community as well,” Anna says. “They’re involved in so much in the area and serve our community so well, which we appreciate.”

“We did the whole process remotely.”
With three children and both being working parents, Nick and Anna appreciated the convenience of working with the Deerwood Bank team. “We never set foot in the bank,” Anna recalled. “Everything was done remotely and via email. From reviewing our financing options to completing all the paperwork. This was especially important at the time because COVID was still new, and with Nick working in healthcare, we preferred not to go out unnecessarily.”  

“The personal connection is so important.”
Nick and Anna enjoyed the user-friendly online banking features that Deerwood offers, while also valuing the ability to call their banker or visit a local branch whenever they needed assistance. “There’s definitely a difference when working with a community bank,” Anna emphasized. “When we recently had a hailstorm and needed our mortgage holder’s approval for a payment, we made one call and had it sorted. Meanwhile, many of our friends were struggling to reach the right department at national banks, wasting a lot of time.”

Nick, Anna, and their three kids have thoroughly enjoyed using their new space for entertaining and hosting their kids’ friends and families. “Deerwood Bank played a significant role in making this dream a reality for us. We’re grateful for their guidance and personal service.”

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Becky Eckelman

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Becky Eckelman is a Mortgage Lender for Deerwood Bank. Becky is based out of the Baxter office and has been with Deerwood since 2014. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in Sociology, and then went on to obtain her MBA in Business Administration from the College of St Scholastica in 2004. During the warm seasons, you can find Becky in her veggie and flower garden planting, weeding, and pruning. When the cold seasons hit, Becky spends a lot of time out in the woods – hiking, training her dogs, ice skating, and cross country skiing.

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