The hometown location of Deerwood Bank enticed the Kramers to choose it for their home purchase. “Our friends had such positive experiences with banking there, as well as with their home purchases,” said Ryan Kramer. At every turn, their banker, Casey Kannel, was there to help them. “I like to ask a lot of questions and he took it all in stride,” said Ryan. “He took the time to help me learn about all our options so we could make the best decision—one that we’d be happy with for years to come.” “Casey was trustworthy, conscientious, professional, and a lot of fun to work with,” said Christina. To others thinking of working with Deerwood Bank, the Kramers say that the mortgage process was very different from their previous home-buying experiences. They enjoyed the personal approach provided by Casey, Julie, Wendy, and the whole team—helping the Kramers to be well informed and comfortable with their choices. “When we walked out of the closing,” said Ryan, “we looked at each other and asked how something so inherently stressful could have been made so enjoyable.”

Ryan and Christina Kramer, Ironton