Steps to Request Information to be Deleted

Mobile App Account Deletion

What is the Google Play account deletion requirement?
Google has mandated that all Android applications published in the Google Play store provide users with the ability to remove their app accounts and associated data. This requirement ensures transparency and empowers users to manage their data responsibly.

Organization in Google Play (Android):

Deerwood Bank Business or Deerwood Bank Mobile

Steps to request your Digital account information be removed:

If you would like to request that your Digital account information be removed, send an email to or mail your request to 131 6th Ave S, Ste 100 Waite Park MN 56387.  Be sure to include your first and last name, user ID for online banking and a current phone number.

What, if any, data is retained once the user account has been removed:

User data deleted from the system is archived to facilitate account recovery. The archived user data includes information that links the user to their bank account(s) and their personalized settings.  Archived user data cannot be used to access financial accounts or other protected information. This archived data is retained indefinitely for the duration of our business relationship, after which time it is permanently deleted.

Will the user still be able to access Web banking once their account is removed?
No. This will remove their account access for all Digital products including mobile (Android, iPhone) and Web.

Does this impact the user’s accounts at Deerwood Bank?
No. This only applies to the account(s) used to access Digital products

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