Joe and Mary Lynch were seeking financing from another bank for their lakehome purchase. However, they faced continual roadblocks—to the point of almost walking away from the purchase entirely. Their realtor urged them to call Becky Eckelman at Deerwood Bank, insisting that after talking with her, they would “feel better about switching to a new bank.” The Lynches quickly learned that their realtor was right. “I spoke with Becky and discussed the property we were purchasing and our progress so far,” said Mary. “She was familiar with the type and condition of the property” and she assured them that the transaction could be completed within their timeline and with no problems. Becky and Deerwood Bank went out of their way to meet their needs. “I sensed a genuine concern and true desire to reach a successful closing,” said Mary, adding that it felt like a personal experience and not a corporate system or environment. “Our first conversation was in early May and she had pulled all the documentation and financials 15 days later!” Becky’s professional and financial expertise also meant that documents and signatures were quickly acquired to make the process even easier. “They were even able to match the rate quoted from the larger bank,” said Joe, “and with lower fees.” Joe and Mary are very happy with their home-buying experience with Becky and Deerwood Bank—so happy that they are now opening a new account.

Joe and Mary Lynch, Watertown, MN