Do you ever need to pay a babysitter, send money to buddies after a fishing trip, repay a friend who gave you money or send money to someone in another state?

Pass the Buck is a convenient and secure way to transfer funds. Send or request money from your own account or someone else’s at another financial institution by using the recipient’s mobile phone number or email.


  • Account to Account Transfers (A2A):
    • Move money between accounts with the same owners at different financial institutions.
  • Person to Person Transfers (P2P):
    • Send or request money securely to and from another person at Deerwood Bank or any other financial institutions without having to exchange confidential bank information, write a check or go to an ATM. All you need is their email address or cell phone number.
  • Any Deerwood Bank customer can use it! There is no approval/denial process.

How to Use Pass the Buck:

  • Login using Deerwood Bank Online Banking User ID and password and click Pass the Buck
  • Review and accept the disclosure

Fee will be included in the transaction when it debits the account. This service is only available for domestic transfers.

You can save a ton of money using Pass the Buck!