Log into your Prepaid Card. You will be able to monitor your card activity, view balances, complete transactions, initiate bill pay and so much more! It’s a holiday gift – A graduation gift – A special occasion gift – An all occasion gift – And more!

Gift Cards

Deerwood Bank Gift Cards are prepaid gift cards that can be used anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted. The Premier Gift Card collection includes a custom Gift Card design highlighted by a platinum underlay and an assortment of custom Gift Card packets, available in a color palette designed to appeal to every taste.

  • Convenience: Purchase and load at Deerwood Bank
  • Cost Effectiveness: Competitively priced
  • Confidence: MasterCard global acceptance
  • MasterCard branded – Metallic silver underlay
  • Instant Issue
  • Special gift card packets – 4 custom colors

Prepaid Cards

It’s a student card – A teen card – An alternative deposit product – And more! Using a Prepaid Card is safer than cash, reloadable and accepted everywhere MasterCard is accepted. Prepaid Cards are a smart, secure solution to carrying money to use every day and even abroad. These cards are PIN and signature protected and are not linked to your credit or debit cards. This protects against identity theft.

  • Funds immediately available                    
  • MasterCard global acceptance                         
  • Funds are insured                                               
  • Instant issue                                                    
  • Reloadable                                                   
  • Signature & PIN based transactions                    
  • ATM access                                                       
  • Card-to-FI money moves         
  • Online transaction history                                    
  • Online bill pay and personal financial manager   
  • Free Text Alerts and Mobile Account Access!         
  • Load notifications                                                   
  • Transaction activity                                                  
  • Balance alerts                                                        
  • Low balance warnings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my gift card tied to a Deerwood Bank Account?

A Deerwood Bank Gift Card is not linked to credit and debit cards. This protects against identity theft.