Bank Anywhere

Bank from anywhere Internet access is available. This means that you are able to access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! With personal online banking you can:

  • Check account balances
  • See what deposits have posted and what checks have cleared. You can even see the front and back of your checks
  • Transfer money between accounts easily and quickly
  • View and download statements to your own money management program
  • Set up personalized alerts via email, or secure message
  • Check out a demonstration.

Steps to Login

New Internet Banking Customers who have not yet completed the Security Update: 
Go to our Website:

  1. Click on Account Login> at the top of the page. Use the green Access Your Account symbol for Personal accounts and the black Cash Management symbol for business accounts.
  2. In the New Online Banking User box select Setup Your Information
  3. Click on Let’s Get Started then please review Terms and Condition and select I Agree, click Next
  4. Enter in your User ID (This is your Social Security Number or Tax ID Number without dashes or spaces)
  5. Enter in your Password (This is the last four digits of the number you used above)
  6. Enter Random Code exactly as it appears, click Next
  7. Create and answer three Security Questions (The answers are NOT case sensitive) and click Next
  8. Create a Security Key (This is a word that will appear on your online banking page. THIS IS NOT YOUR PASSWORD)
  9. Enter your Email Address
  10. Enter New Password and re-enter to Confirm New Password (password must be 8-14 characters and is case sensitive)
  11. Click Finished – Your enrollment is complete, click on Continue
  12. Proceed to sign-in now»

If you have already completed the Security Update described above please log in:
Go to our Website:

  1. Click on the green Access Your Account symbol
  2. Enter your User ID 
  3. Select Next
  4. Answer your Security Question
  5. Select Next
  6. Visually verify that your Security Key is correct
  7. Enter your password (not the security key)
  8. Select Login
  9. Begin login now»

Online Security

Deerwood Bank’s online banking system utilizes a layered security approach to authenticate the identity of our customers and minimize the risk of unauthorized access to your accounts. Our fraud detection monitoring system considers each customer’s history and behavior pattern, alerting bank staff of any “red flag” activities. Most importantly, our Online Banking System allows you, our personal customer, to set-up a wide variety of account alerts, customized to meet your individual needs. You can receive a text, email or secure message alert anytime any of the following occur:

  • Password change attempt
  • Log in from outside a specified geographic region (e.g. out of state)
  • Internal transfer amount greater than $xxx.xx
  • Additional personalized notifications can also be customized online also

Account Security

  1. Monitor your accounts carefully;
  2. Take advantage of account alerts available within online banking. You can choose one or more types of alerts to create. Notification can be through a Secure Message – which is a message sent to your online banking account; a message sent directly to your email; or a text message via mobile phone. Here are some examples:

As always, if you have any questions about Deerwood Bank’s Personal Online Banking system or about any of our products and services, just give us a call at 800.291.6597 or contact a team member at any of our offices.