Deerwood Bank



(Note: Right click on the link, go to "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" in Internet Explorer, to download the ringtone to your desktop.)

iPhone Instructions:

1. Download the ringtone to your computer.
1. Double click the .m4r file within the Finder or Windows the file should then open up iTunes and import itself into your iTunes Library.
2. Now connect your iPhone and sync it with iTunes.
3. You should now have access to your new ringtone via the Setting > Sounds > Ringtone menu on your iPhone.

Android phones:

1. Connect your Android device to your PC
2. Create a top level folder in your SD card called: ringtones
3. Copy the ringtone, assuming it's an mp3, into the ringtones folder, and it should then be visible in the ringtone selection menu.

Blackberry Instructions:

1. Connect your device to a PC > Select Yes when prompted to enable Mass Storage Mode
2. Via the My Computer icon (or Computer in Vista or Windows 7) > Select the Blackberry drive that appears
3. Go into the BlackBerry folder then into the ringtones folder, copy and paste copy the ringtones into it.
4. Once you disconnect from the PC your ringtones will be available for selection on the device.