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The ultimate in banking convenience.

Access your Deerwood bank accounts from your smartphone, tablet, even by text message. It’s free, easy and secure, perfect for the multitasker in all of us.

Check your balances, transfer funds, pay your bills, make a deposit, even find the nearest ATM from the comfort of your smartphone or favorite web-enabled gadget.

Need help getting started? You’ve come to the right place.


deerwood bank iphone app

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Using your Apple Device, go to the App Store and search for Deerwood Bank. The free app is displayed, along with an install button. Just touch the install button to automatically download the Deerwood Bank mobile app.

You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID, an account used to download apps whether they’re free or not, or purchase items from the Apple Store or iTunes. If you haven’t done this before, you’ll need to create an account with Apple. It’s simple; just remember your password to download more apps in the future.

(Hint: It’s probably at least eight characters long including one capital letterand one number.)


Deerwood Mobile App

deerwood bank Android App

Android phone/tablet

Using your Android phone or tablet, navigate to the Android Market. Search for Deerwood Bank. The app is displayed, along with a FREE button. Press the button to automatically download the mobile banking app. If you don’t already have a Google account, you may be prompted to set one up.

Note: Please update the Android System WebView app in the Play Store if you encounter blank screens during login.


Android deerwood bank app

BlackBerry phone/tablet

From your BlackBerry’s main menu, click on BlackBerry App World. Type Deerwood Bank into the search bar. When the app is displayed, touch “download.” Your app will be stored in “downloads” which can be accessed from the main menu. If you don’t already have a PayPal account, you may be prompted to create one.


Deerwood bank First Time Online Banking Login


Mobile Phone appDon’t have a smartphone?
No problem!
Take advantage of Free Text Banking

Quickly request and receive account information to your cell phone via text message. With a few easy commands, you can check the balances and see the last three transactions on all of your Deerwood Bank accounts.

Click Here to Visit the Text Messaging Access Link

  • Login using your online banking username and password.
  • Once you’re logged in, follow the phone registration directions.
  • After successful registration, you will receive a confirmation message to your mobile phone.
  • You’re all set! Text any of the following commands to 21443 to receive information on your account.

To set up your text banking account,follow these simple instructions:

DWB bal : Sends current balances from all of your accounts.
DWB hist : Sends the last three transactions on all of your accounts.
DWB cmd : Sends Deerwood Bank’s text banking command list.
DWB help : Provides text banking support and assistance.
DWB stop : Unregisters your phone.

*Deerwood Bank does not charge a fee for mobile or text banking,however standard messaging and data rates may apply.


Mobile Banking FAQs

How do I access Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking?

In order to access Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking, you will need to have registered your security settings by accessing your Deerwood Bank accounts at least once through the Online Banking access. You will also need a mobile device with an Internet connection. Simply enter the Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking URL — — into the browser of your Internet-enabled mobile device and then log in using your Deerwood Bank Online Banking Account Number/User ID and Password/PIN.

Who is Deerwood Bank’s Mobile Banking provider?

MShift powers Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking. For more information on MShift, visit their web site at

Which mobile devices are supported for Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking?

You can access Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking from any Internet-enabled mobile device including iPhones and iPod Touches, Android phones, RIM BlackBerry phones, Palm Pres and Treos, Windows Mobile devices, and Internet-enabled flip phones.

How does Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking handle security?

Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking is encrypted using the Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) protocol, which provides the highest level of security available today. Additionally, all data that passes between the wireless gateway, MShift’s servers, and Deerwood Bank’s web servers is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates.

Is there a fee to use Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking?

No. Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking is free of charge.

What banking services are included in Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking?

Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking includes the following Online Banking services:

  • View Account Balance and Details
  • View Account Transaction History
  • Transfer Funds
  • View Check Images
  • View Pending Bill Payments
  • Cancel Pending Bill Payments
  • View Bill Payment History

What happens if I get locked out of Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking?

As with Deerwood Bank Online Banking, you must call Deerwood Bank Customer Service Center to reset your password. Once your password is reset, you must first specify your new password on Deerwood Bank Online Banking via your PC. For security reasons, you may not specify your new password on Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking. Once your password is set up on your PC, you may use your User ID and password to immediately log in to Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking.

Can I use Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking if I don’t have a Deerwood Bank account?

No. You must have a User ID and Password in order to use Mobile Banking.

I know I am entering my login information correctly, but I can’t log in.

There may be one of several things that are occurring with your Online Banking account

  • Online Banking may be down. This can be confirmed by logging into to verify.
  • MultiFactor Authentication (MFA) challenge questions may not have been set up on your account. Please go to Online Banking and set that up.

General Mobile Phone Questions

I keep getting locked out of my account when I try and log in on my mobile phone.
Why doesn’t it accept my login information?

Using your mobile phone to enter data takes a little practice. Passwords are case sensitive; make sure you are entering your password exactly as it is set up. If your password begins with a lower-case letter, you may need to use your phone’s shift key to change the default from upper case. In addition, some phones require extra shift key presses to enter numbers instead of letters.


Why can’t I see the first few transactions of my account history?

Due to the screen size on the mobile phone, only a limited amount of information can be displayed. Some mobile phones take you to the middle or bottom of a new page instead of the top. To make sure you are at the top of the page, use the up arrow key on the phone to scroll all the way to the top of the page.

Is my banking information saved on my phone?

No information is saved on your phone. Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking does not store cookies on your phone, and no data is saved in permanent memory on your phone. All information you see is session-related, so logging off Mobile Banking will remove any access to the pages you have been viewing. For additional protection, you may wish to clear the cache of your phone browser.

My phone’s home page for the Internet is a Google search page. When I put in the search field, Mobile Banking doesn’t show up.

Do not put the URL for Mobile Banking in a search engine’s search field. Instead, use the browser’s Menu button and select the item where you can enter a URL directly, e.g., “Go to” or “Go to URL”, or click on the URL locator bar at the top of the browser and enter the URL directly.

When I use the Back button on my browser, weird things happen, like a blank page coming up or the previous page with error messages.

Never use the browser’s Back button on a phone with Mobile Banking, especially after a page where you have entered information and pressed Submit or Continue. Use the links, tabs, or back button within mobile banking to navigate through the pages.

How do I know if my phone is web-enabled?

If you have a browser that allows you to see web pages on your phone’s main menu or home page, then it is web-enabled. The browser icon is usually a picture of Earth. Contact your mobile phone carrier to confirm that your phone is web-enabled and that the service is activated.

I can’t log in with the Mobile Banking application that came with my phone.

There are several generic applications that claim that they can provide logins to your account. There is no guarantee that any of those will work or have reliable features. Deerwood Bank’s official Mobile Banking solution is found by entering “ ” into your phone’s browser, not by using an application supplied by your carrier or a third party.


Is there a way that I can get an icon for Mobile Banking on my iPhone?

Go to on your iPhone web browser. When Mobile Banking is on the page, press the “+” button at the bottom of the browser, and press the “Add to Home Screen” button. A screen will appear with the icon to be put on your iPhone and a title that you can modify. Press “Add” when you are done, and that icon and title will be on your iPhone.

I’m sure I am typing in the right characters. Or am I?

iPhones automatically capitalize the first character you type in a text field. That is seen by the shift button on the left side of your keyboard being highlighted. You can force the character to be lower case by pressing the shift button once so it is not highlighted.

Android Apps

I downloaded the Android app but it will not run on my Android 1.x phone.

The Android app for Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking is only supported for phones using the Android 2.0+ operating system. Please ask your carrier about uploading the latest OS to your Android phone.

Blackberry Phones

Why am I unable to log in using my Blackberry phone?

Please check the settings on your Blackberry phone to ensure it is enabled to browse Secure/SSL sites.

I’m sure I’m typing in the right characters. Or am I?

BlackBerries automatically capitalize the first character you type in a text field. You may have to backspace to delete the first character and then type it again. The character is not capitalized the second time.

When I use the Back button on my browser, weird things happen, like a blank page coming up or the previous page with error messages.

Never use the browser’s Back button on a phone with Mobile Banking, especially after a page where you have entered information and pressed Submit or Continue. Use the links, tabs, or back button within mobile banking to navigate through the pages.

When I attempt to go to, I get an error message, "Access Denied: Insecure SSL Request".

When clicking on More Info, you may also receive the following message:

"Your MDS has been configured to deny SSL requests to servers that have certificates which are untrusted or expired. Try using Device Side SSL which can be modified in your TLS Options. Contact your system administrator with any questions."

If you receive these messages, change your Blackberry Options settings as follows: Select Options, then TLS; under the TLS Default, select Change Option to "Handheld," not "Proxy."

Pocket PC Devices

I am able to view the home page of Deerwood Bank Mobile Banking on my Pocket PC, but when I attempt to log in I get an error message.

When you attempt to gain access to a secure website from Windows CE, you may receive the following error message:

"Unable to establish secure connection"

Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer may issue either of the following error messages:

"The page you are looking for cannot be found" or "Unable to establish secure connection"

To resolve this issue, update to the Microsoft High Encryption Pack for Pocket PC. This add-on supports MD% certificates with the new hashing algorithm. For information about how to update to the Microsoft High Encryption Pack for Pocket PC, view the following Microsoft Web site:

Download the needed file, then synchronize your Pocket PC.then TLS; under the TLS Default, select Change Option to "Handheld," not "Proxy."

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