Deerwood Bank Mortgage Solutions

Mortgage Lender Testimonials

Andy Shermoen

"We moved to Grand Rapids from the Twin Cities with our two boys in search of a more relaxed lifestyle. We chose Deerwood Bank for our home mortgage because we like the small town, small bank feel. Deerwood Bank fulfilled everything they promised, and kept our mortgage local. They were personable, trustworthy and told us what to expect every step of the way."

Andy Shermoen, a Grand Rapids
homeowner and new Deerwood
Bank customer.
Justin Tobeck

Justin Tobeck
The Shermoens worked with Justin who serves as a Deerwood Bank mortgage lender for Grand Rapids and the surrounding communities


Rachel Kerr

"We've moved three times in the last eight years with the help of Deerwood Bank. They were always very responsive to our questions, returning our e-mails and phone calls even after hours. All of our loans stayed local, they never got farmed out. It’s small town banking with the benefits of a big bank."

Rachel Kerr, Deerwood Bank customer who has financed homes in Brainerd, Deerwood and Cohasset.
Julie Mohs

Julie Mohs
The Kerrs have financed each of their moves with Julie who works out of the original bank location in Deerwood, MN.


Melissa Schmeck

"When we found a gorgeous house in an amazing neighborhood within our price range, it was a dream come true. It was a foreclosure turned fixer-upper and we looked forward to redesigning the kitchen and bathrooms. However, when it came time to get a home loan, we had a very difficult time getting approved because of the condition of the house. After getting in touch with Deerwood Bank, all of our stresses were gone. They were thorough, reliable and available whenever we had a question. The personalized service and attention we received at Deerwood Bank was outstanding."

Melissa Schmeck, Deerwood Bank customer
and Brainerd homeowner