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Time is money. Save both with Remote Deposit.

remote deposit from deerwood bank


Instead of tying up company time and resources to physically deliver paper checks to Deerwood Bank, you can now scan, verify, and deposit checks with the click of your mouse!

Save Money - It reduces fees and improves cash flow and fund availability.
Simplify Banking - By consolidating multiple account relationships into one service.
Reduce Errors - To improve management control and profitability.
Increase Employee Safety - While protecting your valuable deposits.
Improve Flexibility - You can make deposits from anywhere in the world.
Stay Current - Research your account status in real time.
Save Time - You and your staff will be more productive with fewer trips to the bank.

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How Remote Deposit Works:

deerwood bank direct deposit processMerchant scans checks they would normally take to the bank

An electronic deposit ticket is created

The merchant verifies the images are correct

The images are sent and deposited into your bank account

Access remote depositAccess remote deposit

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